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Pilates in Midtown East Manhattan

Pilates in Midtown East Manhattan

Exercise is Essential for YOUR Well-Being During COVID-19 Pandemic

Sutton Place Physical and Aquatic Therapy offers Pilates in a private setting with certified pilates instructor Huma Masood.

Huma started her fitness career about 18 years ago when she was asked to teach PE class in a high school in Manhattan, New York. Although she was a science teacher there but had a lot more fun teaching a fitness class. Shortly after she decided to seek the knowledge and education to train her mind and body athletically, physically, and anatomically.

After teaching for almost a decade and growing each year with new skills she now holds many fitness certifications (Spin, Yoga, Kettlebells, TRX, Zumba, AFAA Group Exercise, and Pilates Reformer). She teaches Bollywood dance and Strength training classes in addition to Pilates Reformer and Personal training.

Her passion for learning and sharing is infinite. Her teaching style is addictive, easy to follow, effective, anatomical, and focused on alignment. You achieve your goals in her class every single visit and will sure to have some time left for fun.

Huma’s personality is friendly, charming, and outgoing. Her classes are filled with equal parts fun, work and burn. You will leave happier, feeling stronger and taller.

Her favorite quote is “Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself. Take it. And make the most of it.”

The Sutton Place Physical and Aquatic Therapy clinic is beautifully equipped with a Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair, weights, resistance bands, balance boards, stationary bicycles, a treadmill, exercise machines, and other equipment. 

For each client, Huma designs individualized sessions to meet each client's individualized goals. She carefully develops sessions for each client based on client interests, strengths, and physical challenges, focusing on safety, alignment, and breath.

Sutton Place Physical and Aquatic Therapy also offers in-person and virtual Pilates sessions with Huma.

1:1 In-Person Pilates  

Sutton Place Physical and Aquatic Therapy offers in-person equipment-based pilates (Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair, and Arc).

1:1 In-Person Pilates in Midtown East Manhattan

1:1 Virtual Mat Pilates and 1:1 Virtual Duet Mat Pilates 

Sutton Place Physical and Aquatic Therapy offers virtual one-on-one classes and duet (2 participants) classes that adhere to the classical Joseph Pilates method that emphasizes the core principles of breath, concentration, control, precision, center, and flow. Classes are customized to meet the goals, strengths, and challenges of each participant. For clients who do not have Pilates equipment at home, Sutton Place PT can offer a mat, Pilates ring, 9-inch ball, Yoga block, and mini bands for an additional charge. 

1:1 Virtual Mat Pilates in Midtown East Manhattan

1:1 Virtual Duet Mat Pilates in Midtown East Manhattan

Staying strong and healthy is essential, especially now. Schedule your Pilates or Personal Training Session Today!


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