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Patients of the Month: Ben & Nordic


When Ben Benson ran his iconic Midtown Manhattan steakhouse ‘Ben Benson’s Steakhouse', the restaurant had more than its fair share of loyal customers. Today, Ben and his guide dog Nordic, still have a loyal audience, every time they visit Sutton Place Physical Therapy.

“Two years ago, after my hip surgery Nordic and I began seeing Crystal for rehab, says Ben. Today, we still see Crystal so that I can make sure I am as strong and independent as possible. Crystal makes sure I work on my quads, and Nordic makes sure I arrive safely and the other patients feel the love, adds Ben.

Ben and Nordic are amazing, adds Crystal. Ben is quite social. He comes to our clinic to strengthen his mind and body. He talks to everyone and works on strengthening his body. Nordic, is a brilliant and caring companion. Not only does he help Ben, but he gives additional emotional support or therapy to the staff and clients. It’s beautiful to watch.

Guide dogs are essential in helping people gain independence, confidence, and greater mobility adds Carol Stillman. Nordic is very comfortable in our clinic and has genuinely caused a patient or two to say how much they like him and want to take him home. Watching Ben gain greater strength with Nordic’s watchful eye is something everyone enjoys.

“Right now, Crystal works with me in the clinic. But I am hoping that one day we can work out a way for me to work out with Nordic in the water, adds Ben.”