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Patient of the Month: Jet


As a long time  New Yorker, Jet Auer de Saram enjoyed exploring New York City’s different neighborhoods and discovering hidden relics of “old NY.” But after arthritis made pain and mobility an issue, her doctor suggested knee replacement surgery and a  traditional and aquatic therapy physical therapy program.

“When Dr. Meere suggested I look for a practice that offered land and pool-based physical therapy, I quickly realized I might need to venture uptown as there are no physical therapy practices with access to a full size pool in my neighborhood.  I live downtown, and it is a bit daunting to contemplate actually going somewhere beyond 14th street as I am basically a die-hard downtown person,” adds Jet. 

“However, I am glad I made the leap. After researching places online and looking at Sutton Place PT’s website and “vibe,” I am glad I decided to make that first trip! These days I happily take a Lyft two or three times a week into the wild blue yonder for my therapy sessions.” 

Tracey was the first therapist I met at Sutton Place, and the thing I vividly remember is how kind and supportive she was. She made me feel at ease with her sense of humor and empathy. There was no doubt in my mind that she was knowledgeable and competent, too. Based on that first session, I knew that I had come to the right place for my therapy. 

“When you visit a practice like Sutton Place PT,  you are usually not feeling your best, but when you are welcomed by Marion at the front office and encouraged by the staff who work the chair lift and assist the therapists in the water, it says and means a lot. All of these  people do an amazing job making you feel comfortable and optimistic about your recovery,” adds Jet.

“Jet has an excellent attitude about recovery and remains motivated and dedicated despite having multi-joint pain and chronic conditions,” adds Tracey. “With a rehabilitation program which includes land (in office) and sea (in the pool) activities, Jet has made great progress due to her hard work. We love the energy she brings into our office. It’s contagious,” adds Tracey.

“I vividly remember how scared I was of the pool," adds Jet. “I have had problems breathing and feared of getting into trouble.  Carol, Peter and Carly were very calming, experienced and super supportive" I soon realized that I was in good hands and would be safe. I love pool therapy and feel that it has helped me immeasurably,"

“Jet is amazing!” adds Carol. “She really was nervous about getting in the pool, but once she realized how safe she was and how enjoyable our pool therapy sessions can be, she relaxed and is doing great. She is a true believer of the importance of a varied physical therapy program and my team really enjoys watching her progress.”

“Aqua therapy should be routine and more widely prescribed,” adds Jet. “Being in the water helps the pain and stiffness and helps you gain confidence.  I am much improved and getting stronger every day. I have pain in my joints, even on a good day, and I believe the therapy is helping my other joints, as well. What most surprised me is that, because of the water, I experienced much less pain than I would have on land. This allowed me to push myself more and do exercises that I would have shied away from on land because of pain.” 

“My “new” knee works a lot better now, and I am preparing for surgery on my other knee. I am looking forward to resuming my walks  with my husband listening to street musicians browsing local bookstores,” adds Jet.  

“Jet truly is an inspiration,” adds Carol. “We know those trips are only a few months away and can’t wait to hear about these new adventures, above and below 14th street. Thank you, Jet!”