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Patient of the Month: Branden


Three years ago when Christine R. was looking for a pediatric physical therapy program for her then eight-year-old son Branden, her criteria was simple – she wanted a program that understood how to help her son both physically and emotionally. She wanted her son to work with therapists who were present and understood how to help a child with Muscular Dystrophy, and she wanted a practice that was not far from her home as Branden would need PT at least two times a week.

Three years later, Sutton Place PT is her partner, and eleven-year-old Branden is getting ready for his next goal – starting middle school!

"MD gradually weakens the body's muscles," says Christine. "But when Branden walks into the office or steps into the pool, everything changes. He is excited and happy to see what he can learn and how he can push his body."

"I have a disability," says Branden. But in no way does this stop me. "Coming here and working with Carol, Tracey and now Carly" has increased my stamina. They have the best toys in the pool  as well as the office and this summer when I am with family and friends, they love how good I am at playing catch."

"Carol gets it," says Christine. Her boys play with my son, and she hires therapists who know kids and know MD. "I feel so lucky about our team. Tracey’s humor and expertise with MD along with Carly, who is a recent hire,  works at the IDEAL during the school year. The fact that they all understand the nuances of my son is wonderful. They know when to push and when to pull back."

"As a mother, I always look to make each PT session enjoyable for all; especially the kids,” adds Carol. But as a PT, I want and encourage the team to really look at how we can help our clients be the best they can be. Branden is amazing. Smart, kind, funny, and most of all, strong."

"Middle School requires a lot," adds Christine, "but I know that Branden is stronger and more confident because of Sutton Place PT."

"I really enjoy being in the pool with Branden," adds Carly. "His personality is contagious, and his ability to try new things, even though it may be hard at first reinforces why I love working with kids."

"I am excited," adds Branden. "The pool is open year-round – which means Carol will keep on adding cool pool toys and games while my friends have to wait until the summer."