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October Newsletter

October is National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM)

We want to recognize our team members and their work to improve our patients' lives by optimizing movement. While our team is growing, we are excited to tell you that three members of our staff have been promoted to new positions. Please help us congratulate them!

Crystal is now the Director of Neurological Services. Crystal will continue to develop programs to serve the needs of patients with neurological conditions.

Tracey is now the Director of Clinical Education. She is responsible for the coordination of clinical interns from PT schools through collaborating with the school, their students, and SPPTs staff. She is an APTA credentialed Clinical Instructor.

Ben is now a Senior Physical Therapist. His primary role is to contribute to a culture of professional excellence and commitment to patient success.

Male Pelvic Dysfunction. Yes: men also have a pelvic floor.

By Jillian McGowan, PT, DPT

As the conversation about pelvic physical therapy grows, more and more women are discovering the benefits of treatment, whether postpartum, postoperative, or addressing pelvic pain. But where does that leave our male patients? I regularly receive the question, “You also treat men?” The answer is yes: men also have a pelvic floor.

In both men and women, the pelvic floor serves as a support system for your pelvic organs, helps maintain continence, allows for normal bowel and bladder function, and plays an important role in sexual activity. While the conditions can vary between men and women, it is important for everyone to understand the conservative treatment options available to them through physical therapy.


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If you travel by plane, staying active while you are flying is essential towards maintaining optimal health and preventing serious issues like blood clots.

If you already suffer from issues like stiffness or back problems due to frequent traveling, we can show you specific techniques that help prevent discomfort when you’re in a plane.

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Comfortable Driving posture 

If you drive for long periods, maintaining the proper posture can help prevent painful muscle and joint issues. Sitting in an awkward position is especially problematic for people who drive for a living.

Important factors that improve comfort while driving includes body posture and the position of the seat in the car.

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As a long time  New Yorker, Jet Auer de Saram enjoyed exploring New York City’s different neighborhoods and discovering hidden relics of “old NY.” But after arthritis made pain and mobility an issue, her doctor suggested knee replacement surgery and a  traditional and aquatic therapy physical therapy program.

“When Dr. Meere suggested I look for a practice that offered land and pool-based physical therapy, I quickly realized I might need to venture uptown as there are no physical therapy practices with access to a full-size pool in my neighborhood.  I live downtown, and it is a bit daunting to contemplate actually going somewhere beyond 14th street as I am basically a die-hard downtown person,” adds Jet. 

“However, I am glad I made the leap. After researching places online and looking at Sutton Place PT’s website and “vibe,” I am glad I decided to make that first trip! These days I happily take a Lyft two or three times a week into the wild blue yonder for my therapy sessions.” 

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