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» How to Avoid Falling on the Ice: Walk Like a Penguin
How to Avoid Falling on the Ice: Walk Like a Penguin

How to Avoid Falling on the Ice: Walk Like a Penguin

With this week's weather ranging from Spring to Winter, we thought some tips from a penguin might be helpful, as they know how to avoid falling on the ice.

As the temperatures begin to fall,   we suggest walking consciously. The” penguin walk “will help minimize your risk of falling on the ice.

If not sure how to do this, the Central Park Zoo has many penguins who can teach us how to avoid falling. Of course, the best advice is to avoid going out in icy weather, but as New Yorkers, it's not always realistic.


Select proper footwear. To be extra careful and safe, we often recommend a shoe with traction to help negotiate slippery terrain at times. There are also lightweight ice traction devices that can easily be put over your own shoe for a nominal cost. There are many brands out in the market; From Yaktrax to Stabilicers, retailers within the city and online have options to help keep you stable and upright. 

Be cautious. Injuries often occur when getting in and out of vehicles. Please take a moment to assess the ground when getting in and out of a car, bus, or train.

The most common injuries we see at Sutton Place Physical Therapy due to slips and falls are with the neck and back, wrists, elbow, or hand. While it is instinctive to try and catch yourself when you fall, many patients land on their hands incorrectly.  If you feel yourself starting to fall, try to land on a fleshy part of your body, such as your side. If you can relax your muscles when you fall, you may injure yourself less. Suggesting how one should fall is easier said than done, but if you do fall and hurt yourself, call our office as we are here to help!

Photo Credits: rawpixel and University of Minnesota