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Sutton Place Physical Therapy Clinic is adding a new service in 2018: AQUATIC PHYSICAL THERAPY! Sutton Place Physical Therapy, has been an active participant in promoting health and wellness in the community for 20 years. With this new program, patients will have an opportunity to have physical therapy in a water medium. Therapy will be provided by a licensed physical therapist from the Sutton Place Physical Therapy clinic.

Aquatic therapy program is similar to land based physical therapy in that patient’s plan of care will be designed to meet their individual needs and injury. This program will give opportunity to patients to receive the benefits of physical therapy when land based therapy might be too painful or difficult. Human bodies have a natural buoyancy which allows the patients to only weight bear half the body weight when submerged to chest deep in the water. This promotes a cushion on the joints and decrease stiffness and pain.

Water has therapeutic properties which provide a comfortable environment to promote relaxation, decrease pain, increase range of motion, and flexibility. Studies over the years have shown countless benefits of water buoyancy on decreasing stress on the joint/muscles, decreasing workload on the heart, decreasing stress levels, and improving circulation to the muscles. Aquatic therapy can help decrease pain, improve balance, stability, strength, endurance, joint mobility, posture, and help patients return to their everyday activity without pain.

Aquatic therapy should not be confused with aquatic aerobic exercises. Aquatic exercises are typically practiced independently or in a class setting with an instructor. The exercises are generic and do not target to healing a specific condition.  Aquatic therapy will be provided under direct care from a licensed physical therapist to target specific muscles, condition, and tailored to the patient’s needs.

Conditions which can be treated by physical therapy include generalized low back pain, neck pain, joint pain, arthritis, disc issues in the back and neck, total joint replacements, recovery after surgery, fibromyalgia, stroke, and/or neurologic disorders. This new program will give patients options to strengthen, build endurance, improve range, and function in a fun environment. Patients will still the benefits of skilled and evidenced based physical therapy in water.

A hydraulic lift is available for anyone who needs assistance with entering and exiting the pool. Call us at 212-317-1600 to schedule your first appointment for a Land Based Evaluation and start your New Years with a splash!

Written by: Nina Vani, PT, DPT