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INDIBA® Radiofrequency Treatment in Midtown East Manhattan

INDIBA® Radiofrequency Treatment in Midtown East Manhattan

Sutton Place Physical Therapy utilizes INDIBA® radiofrequency treatments for our pelvic health and orthopedic clients in need of enhancing the tissues' intrinsic ability to self heal, and decreasing pain and inflammation. 

INDIBA® is the market leader in therapeutic radiofrequency electrical stimulation as it stimulates the biological processes, delivering oxygen and nutrients and stimulation of stem cell proliferation to the area. 

The combination of INDIBA® with other physical therapy techniques provides the appropriate mechanical stimulus to reorganize the collagen fibers. Manual mobilization and soft tissue mobilization, neuromuscular reeducation, and exercise expedite sports, orthopedic, and pelvic conditions. 

As Sutton Place, we use INDIBA® to treat pelvic pathologies in combination with other Pelvic Physical Therapy techniques to accelerate tissue healing and reduce pain stemming from acute or chronic tissue injury, and inflammatory states.  

Pelvic Physical Therapy Testimonials

Patient Testimonials
  • M P.
    1 year ago
    I have experienced the Indiba AT7 one month after my delivery. I had several sessions and I was able to feel the effect after each one. My scar was definitely less painful and my skin was softer and able to stretch more. The Indiba helped me to recover and feel better. I highly recommend Indiba sessions at the right time because I can tell it is very beneficial to improve scar healing and allow the pelvic to get strength again (especially with a combination of exercises). I really appreciated the work Irene did with me. Sutton Place PT is very professional and their knowledge was obvious and strong.
  • L P.
    11 months ago
    I have been treated by multiple physical therapists for vulvodynia and dyspareunia over the last seven years. I had some improvement from traditional treatment, but I was never able to get over the hurdle of penetrative intercourse without significant pain. My husband and I wanted to start a family, and I was losing hope that we would be able to do so naturally. Then, I found a physical therapist who used Indiba AT7. Within a month of treatment with the device, I was able to successfully have intercourse for the first time in years. I'm very thankful that this device exists and works effectively for this difficult condition.
  • P A.
    11 months ago
    I commend Irene Hernandez for her excellent work with Indiba AT7. Her work with this has profoundly changed the quality of my life for the better. Under her guidance, it has greatly reduced my Pelvic floor pain. And her manual technique with the heat is incredible. She is to be commended. I highly recommend her to doctors at Weill Cornell NYP, and they are impressed with her advanced treatments and work. Irene is caring, professional, technologically advanced, and wants results for her clients

INDIBA® has been helpful with the following Pelvic and Perineal pathologies:



    • Perineal neuropathic pain. 
    • Vulvar edema 
    • Vulvodynia 
    • Recent scars. 
    • Inflammatory tendinopathy of pelvic muscles. 
    • Mastitis. 


    • Hypotonia (prolapses) and pelvic perineal hypertonia. 
    • Vaginal atresia. 
    • Hypermobility of the urethro-vesical junction. 
    • Recurrent vaginal and / or urinary infections. 
    • Cicatricial fibrosis, adhesions and trigger points.
    • Degenerative tendinopathy of pelvic muscles. 


    • Superficial and deep dyspareunia. 
    • Functional female erectile dysfunction 


    • Male erectile dysfunction. 
    • Urethral fibrosis. 
    • Functional penile invasion. 


    • Chronic pelvic pain. 
    • Urinary urgency due to lack of bladder distensibility. 
    • Acute pain from trauma / iatrogenic


    • Hemorrhoids. 
    • Anal fissure 
    • Sd. Pelvic congestion.

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