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  • M P.
    3 weeks ago
    I have experienced the Indiba AT7 one month after my delivery. I had several sessions and I was able to feel the effect after each one. My scar was definitely less painful and my skin was softer and able to stretch more. The Indiba helped me to recover and feel better. I highly recommend Indiba sessions at the right time because I can tell it is very beneficial to improve scar healing and allow the pelvic to get strength again (especially with a combination of exercises). I really appreciated the work Irene did with me. Sutton Place PT is very professional and their knowledge was obvious and strong.
  • DR C.
    3 weeks ago
    I went to Sutton Place Physical and Aquatic Therapy to get help with some pain on both my Achilles tendons that I felt every time that I went for a run or a long walk. My therapist, Irene, helped me to identify what kind of problem it was and how to handle it. So we started with a therapy that addressed this problem (bilateral tendinitis) with help of the Indiba equipment. With Indibia, I could feel a significant change and progress after the first sessions.Every therapy session was very simple and not painful at all. Indiba helped me not only to feel a physical relief but also to feel reassured that I could run again with complete normality sooner than expected. It was a great work of Irene at Sutton Place and they used their Indiba equipment. I highly recommend the team of Sutton Place for their expertise and friendly attention.
  • Malek A.
    1 year ago
    Every time after I finish my therapy I notice I am a little better. Staff is very caring. Especially the owner who welcomes you and gets to know you and makes sure to help you to meet your goal. The enhanced healing of aquatic therapy is very effective and I would recommend Sutton Place with confidence.
  • R M.
    2 years ago
    Carol if it wasn't for you I could not have handled the 18 hour trip to Madagascar on the plane. Thank You!
  • Carole A.
    2 years ago
    I’ve had several injuries and surgeries that required physical therapy Of the places, I’ve used, I found the care, concern, support and training to be the best of all. The staff is excellent and their personal attention and generosity have made the healing process downright pleasant. Thank you SPPT!
  • Karen P.
    2 years ago
    I am so happy I chose SPPT. Carol and her staff are extremely personable. Whereas other places you can feel like your in a PT factory. SPPT intimate and one-on-one. Not to mention my broken ankle is back to a place I never imagined possible!
  • Sonya Z.
    2 years ago
    I chose SPPT because I wanted 1:1 care. I was in injured in a car accident and have multiple fractures.The staff are extremely warm and flexible, individualizing the treatment approach. The pool has been a key ingredient in my rehabilitation and has accelerated my healing
  • Ignacio P.
    2 years ago
    I want to highlight that Sutton Place Physical Therapy has offered me a lot of flexibility with the appointments and also they have shown great interest in explaining the symptoms to me. As a Spaniard, who recently located to New York, I really appreciate the time they spend helping me understand the medical terminology. This is more than just translating language.
  • Beth P.
    2 years ago
    After receiving a cortisone shot that didn’t work, I am so happy I went to Sutton Place Physical Therapy. It’s amazing how much better I feel after just my first session. After learning what the right exercise treatment should be along with realistic recommendations for my daily life, my ankle (tendonitis) and heel (heel spurs) already feel better.
  • Christine R.
    2 years ago
    My 8 year old son was diagnosed with DMD and has been receiving Aquatic and Clinical physical therapy at Sutton Place for about a year now. The entire staff is amazing they greet you from the minute you walk through the door. Very Professional and knowledgeable of what each individual patient needs. Since my son has been attending Sutton Place PT he has made tremendous progress with has increased his stability to walking and has gained more strength with his legs due to Sutton Place PT Aquatic PT and Clinic PT. Sutton Place PT has helped my son not only Physically but, they have helped me emotionally. I could not recommend any place better than Sutton Place PT. Look forward to the continuous progress for my son on this long journey. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart Carol, Crystal, Tracey, Ben, Danny and Jacqueline for all your help and support with my Son !!
  • John C.
    2 years ago
    Sutton Place PT revitalized my right shoulder after only two months of work. My life is completely changed. I had the pleasure of working with Ben Musselman and he was excellent, focused, patient, intelligent, and extraordinarily helpful. I use what he taught me to this day and I'm pain free and able to do what I want. It was a pleasant surprise to the upside. If you have PT needs, you should go to Sutton Place PT, it's incredible.
  • James H.
    2 years ago
    I have used Sutton Place Physical Therapy on three separate occasions following knee surgery and a serious illness. Each time the therapy has greatly improved my condition. The therapists are friendly, very professional and the individual therapy visits have been effective. In my case, my doctors have been surprised at the speed and completeness of my recovery. For that I have to thank my therapist, Crystal Ewbanks, who has done an extraordinary job in aiding in my recovery. I would highly recommend Sutton Place PT to anyone looking for the best physical therapy available.

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