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Since 2012, John C. has celebrated his August 9th birthday walking across his favorite six bridges in New York City. "Years ago, I had a large student loan debt, and I wanted to celebrate my birthday without spending a lot of money," adds John. "So I decided to cross all of these bridges in one day, walking from one neighborhood to another, totaling about thirty miles. Now that my loans are paid off, I still enjoy celebrating my birthday with this tradition. I am outside and not in my office ans...
Posted on 2020-01-06
How to Avoid Falling on the Ice: Walk Like a Penguin With this week's weather ranging from Spring to Winter, we thought some tips from a penguin might be helpful, as they know how to avoid falling on the ice. As the temperatures begin to fall,   we suggest walking consciously. The” penguin walk “will help minimize your risk of falling on the ice. If not sure how to do this, the Central Park Zoo has many penguins who can teach us how to avoid falling. Of course, the best...
Posted on 2019-12-10
PATIENTS OF THE MONTH: BEN & NORDIC When Ben Benson ran his iconic Midtown Manhattan steakhouse ‘Ben Benson’s Steakhouse', the restaurant had more than its fair share of loyal customers. Today, Ben and his guide dog Nordic, still have a loyal audience, every time they visit Sutton Place Physical Therapy. “Two years ago, after my hip surgery Nordic and I began seeing Crystal for rehab, says Ben. Today, we still see Crystal so that I can make sure I am as strong and indepen...
Posted on 2019-12-02
Physical Therapists and Imaging By Marian Williams, PT, DPT Physical Therapists (PTs) are experts in the musculoskeletal system and typically use a patient's history and a thorough physical exam to help determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. PTs are increasingly utilizing the results from diagnostic imaging as they become the practitioner of choice for musculoskeletal injuries. Many PTs have access to diagnostic ultrasound right in the clinic. In some practice settings like the military a...
Posted on 2019-11-19
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