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Although millions of children and teens suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction, it often takes a long time to receive the right treatment. In children, the pelvis serves many vital functions. It’s the center connection point between a child's upper and lower body; it is core to how they move, breathe, and regulate normal bodily processes like bowel and bladder function. If your child is having troubles with his/her bladder, please know they are not having these issues on purpose. Punishing ...
Posted on 2020-12-24
Terry Persina is a force of nature. Diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) 3 years ago, Terry believes to stay independent, you must be responsible and regimented. ALS is a progressive neuromuscular disease that often slowly robs the body of its ability to use its upper extremities, walk, speak, swallow, and breathe. An average of 1 to 2 per 100,000 people are diagnosed with ALS every year throughout the world.  "Having been diagnosed with ALS has given me clarity in my life. T...
Posted on 2020-11-22
Aquatic Physical Therapy is Back! The Pool is OPEN! We are excited to announce that on Monday, October 19th, we will be back in the water, offering Aquatic Physical Therapy. All sessions will be held in accordance with the NYC Dept of Health and CDC. As with all of the land-based physical therapy programs, we are practicing safe protocols. Call today to schedule your aquatic physical therapy session. We can't wait to see you in the water!
Posted on 2020-10-15
Click here or on the graphic below to see several beginner exercises to help strengthen your bones.
Posted on 2020-09-17
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