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Aquatic Physical Therapy

Through our 1:1 individualized aquatic physical therapy program, patients of all ages can utilize aquatics therapy with a Physical Therapist, right in the heart of Midtown East.

Each aquatic therapy session is supervised in our pool by a licensed physical therapist. Our aquatic physical therapy program allows rehabilitation for patients who find physical therapy on land too painful. With the combination of buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure there is little to no impact on the joints allowing people to recover faster.

Pool-based therapy can be an excellent tool in your journey to recovery. Treatments provided in an aquatic setting allows easier transition to land based functional activities as the unique properties of water can allow participation in activities by clients who otherwise may be unable to tolerate exercise. Bone & joint, heart and nervous system disorders are all conditions that may be addressed in pool-based therapy.

Our trained aquatic physical therapists perform an examination intended to establish an individualized plan of care to meet your needs. The goal is to eliminate barriers that prevent you from recovering to your full potential.

Water has therapeutic properties which provide a comfortable environment to promote relaxation, decrease pain, increase range of motion, and flexibility.

Benefits of water buoyancy include:

  • Decreased stress on the joints and muscles
  • Decreased workload on the heart
  • Increased circulation to muscles
  • Decreased stress level to the nervous system
  • Decreased pain
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Duration when returning to physical activity after surgery is decreased
  • Improved strength, endurance, and conditioning
  • Improved joint motion
  • Improved posture and movement ability

What Can Be Treated?

  • Generalized back, neck and joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • Back and neck pain
  • Total joint replacements
  • Recovery after surgery
  • Muscle weakness and deconditioning
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stroke & neurological disorders
  • Lymphedema

Learn More...

David fell and broke his Right hip 9 months ago.

David is utilizing the buoyancy of the water to get an effective Hamstring stretch while weight bearing on the involved leg.

Marathon runner utilizing deep water running to prepare to safely return to running after a toe stress fracture.


PT who has had a stroke working on functional sit to stand training.


Brandon and René are making waves while strengthening their legs!


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